Why You Need Diabetes Management

You may have heard the recent statistic in the news is that there are now 24 million diabetics in the United States and this number continues to rise each year.  Diabetes is more than a simple failure


10 Reasons to Hire our Functional Fitness Trainers

The Optimum fitness trainers have professional backgrounds with real-world applications. All of our coaches are certified / licensed professionals with a variety of healthcare organizations. Trainers work closely with the fitness specialist and dietitian for a turnkey approach to your fitness goals.


Screening the Squat

The squat is a staple in strength training programs. A textbook squat involves knee and hip flexion on the eccentric portion until the thigh is parallel with the ground followed by hip and knee extension. However, during the body weight squat many common errors can occur.


Is Cardio or Strength Training Better for Fat Loss?

What is the safer, more enjoyable, and more effective way to burn fat? You might think that you know the answer, but do you know why?


"I noticed a real change in my vitality when we began the interval training. You've helped me tremendously. You have a genuine, continuing interest in your clients."

Tony, 58 year old Dia-Beat-It! client

"Thank you for all of your support and knowledge around diabetes. I've made some really significant changes in my behavior [regarding exercise, glucometer use and diet] that I feel very sure it will remain a way of life for me."

Janelle, 26 year old Dia-Beat-It! client

I needed to learn when and how much to eat before exercise. I become adept at counting carbohydrates and continue to exercise on my own, consulting with Optimum Health & Fitness whenever needed.

Stefanie 82 year old Dia-Beat-It! client