10 Reasons to Hire our Functional Fitness Trainers

The Optimum fitness trainers have professional backgrounds with real-world applications.

All of our coaches are certified / licensed professionals with a variety of healthcare organizations.  Trainers work closely with the fitness specialist and dietitian for a turnkey approach to your fitness goals.  Optimum Wellness center is the first and only premier training facility offering wellness training with a personal approach to total body wellness in this area. 

  1. You Don't Know Where to Start. Most people don't know what it takes to build a strong, healthy body. Our personal trainers will help you establish your goals and develop a program to focus on your target.
  2. You're Not Seeing Results. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results.  If you've been doing what you've always done and you're not seeing, the results you want, our personal trainers can help you identify problems and tweak your workout routines to get maximum results.
  3. You're Bored with the Same Routines. We can definitely keep it interesting and challenge you in new ways.
  4. You Need to be Challenged. Oftentimes the best results come when we're challenged. Faced with our own preconceived notions, we often give up before we even get started up the hill. Our trainers can and will push you much harder than you'd ever push yourself.
  5. You Want to Learn How to Exercise on Your Own. Consult with a personal trainer and develop a program that you can safely use at home. After a few sessions you will learn the correct form, and then, you're on your way to more effective workouts.
  6. You Need Accountability & Motivation. We've all suffered from the "I don't feel like it" syndrome when it comes to getting ourselves to the gym. But when you know your trainer, your team is waiting; you know you have to go. And that extra little push is going to pay off where it counts, your results!
  7. You Have a Specific Injury or Condition. You don't want to re-injure yourself or exacerbate an existing condition; we will help you develop alternative routines to keep you moving through difficult times like these. By working with our medical professionals as well as our trainers we guarantee a safe training environment.
  8. You're Training for an Event. Are you planning to run a marathon?  Have you always dreamed of doing the IRONMAN?  Our personal trainers will know what it takes to achieve specific goals for a targeted event.  Their expertise will help you prepare and achieve your goals.
  9. You Want Supervision & Support. Sometimes just having someone to work with you makes all the difference. Our personal trainers can keep you on track, tell you what's next, and give you the encouragement you need.
  10. You Want to Lose Weight. We are able to ensure your success through Optimum Health & Fitness’ approach to total body wellness combined with regular exercise, customized workouts for fat burning


"After two weeks of exercise, my doctor took me off one of the blood-pressure medicines, and I feel stronger on the golf course than I have all summer."

Bobby , a 35 year old Dia-Beat-It! client

"Thank you for all of your support and knowledge around diabetes. I've made some really significant changes in my behavior [regarding exercise, glucometer use and diet] that I feel very sure it will remain a way of life for me."

Janelle, 26 year old Dia-Beat-It! client

"I noticed a real change in my vitality when we began the interval training. You've helped me tremendously. You have a genuine, continuing interest in your clients."

Tony, 58 year old Dia-Beat-It! client