The most important and unique service we provide is an individualized evaluation and program design provided to every client. This personalized plan will be used to help devise a customized exercise prescription, the evaluation includes:

  • Health History
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Blood Pressure Screen (Pre, Post, and exercise )
  • Graded Exercise Test (Following ACSM protocols )
  • Blood Sugar Analysis
  • Body Composition Analysis (Skin folds, Circumference, & Bio-electrical impedance)
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • Nutritional Consultation ( With our register dietician) 
  • Flexibility (ACSM Guidelines )
  • Weight Analysis
  • Functional Strength test

*What is Health & Wellness?
Its important to understand what health & wellness is.
Health & Wellness is a proactive approach to healthcare that places emphasis on preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to reacting and emphasizing the treatment of diseases.

A completely refreshing method of one-on-one training with the uniqueness of combined professional ongoing screening assessments. We are focused on assisting you in achieving each of your fitness goals while maintaining safe and effective workouts. The most efficient way to ensure this is to periodically assess your capabilities.

What’s in it for you?

You will achieve quicker, more effective results; reduce the risk of injury; increase your motivation; have more focused workouts and efficient use of your time.?? Sadly, many gym-related injuries occur due to poor exercise methods developed by undereducated, inexperienced personal trainers. We are dedicated to utilizing client-specific exercise protocols designed to optimize your program while providing you with concrete feedback as you improve your health. This is accomplished by utilizing various fitness testing procedures to thoroughly assess your body composition, measurements, cardiovascular fitness, posture, flexibility, strength and endurance. Our fitness workout approach will motivate yet challenge you to a new level of health with consistent results.

Regardless of your age or fitness level, you'll see improvements in the following areas: core strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning and endurance.


  1. As an Optimum Health & Fitness member, you will meet with our registered dietitian on a monthly basis or as needed.
  2. We do not push diets
  3. We will work with our clients to develop portion control and an understanding of healthy food choices
  4. Whether you want to lose weight, add lean muscle mass, or just be healthier, we will create a plan for you!

Optimum Health & Fitness we pride ourselves in having the top credentials in the Health & Performance industry and of being ahead of the curve with continuing education in our field. We do not follow others but lead by the way we are training, in the realm of nutrition we have experts that lead the way to happier and healthier life. At OHF we have Registered dietitians who are licensed professionals in New Jersey, our key philosophy is that we do not promote quick weight loss. This may sound like the wrong objective but we want our clients changes to be for life and not just a couple of months. The healthy amount of weight loss is roughly 2 pounds per week. We have seen with clients, a little bit more for the first few weeks but then it levels off to 1-2 pounds per week.

Generally, when our clients begin eating healthier and add the exercise component we provide, our clients immediately feel healthier and more energized. It does, however, vary by client how quickly the weight loss occurs. Most see inches lost first followed by shedding pounds. It can be observed immediately, in one month, or within a couple of months. Results are very client driven because the client is responsible for their own routines (exercise and diet) when they are home.

Therefore, when someone follows a system like a fad diet or uses weight loss products, they are generally following a lower calorie diet and restricted to the program. Because of this they are more likely to see results faster because they are not eating anything else off the list that may be highly caloric.

At OHF we have had clients that used these fad diets before and when they stopped the programs and started eating food again they gained their weight back plus more. When our registered dietician met with these clients they felt that the program was the only way they could lose weight. However, after learning about food and how to exercise, they started losing weight without the program and their words to me were, "I didn't realize I could lose weight eating food." For this reason and with our background in both exercise and nutrition, we feel that we can help people understand how to combine the two for a healthier lifestyle. As stated by another happy client, “I was drawn to your company and the way you practice because you are there to genuinely help patients and were hesitant of the quick fix solution.”

We love helping people reach their goals naturally and educating them so they understand food and the complexity of exercise. Many people we encounter believe that strolling for 15-30 minutes around the lake should help them lose weight. This would be great if it were true, but unfortunately it is not the case.


"After two weeks of exercise, my doctor took me off one of the blood-pressure medicines, and I feel stronger on the golf course than I have all summer."

Bobby , a 35 year old Dia-Beat-It! client

"I noticed a real change in my vitality when we began the interval training. You've helped me tremendously. You have a genuine, continuing interest in your clients."

Tony, 58 year old Dia-Beat-It! client

I needed to learn when and how much to eat before exercise. I become adept at counting carbohydrates and continue to exercise on my own, consulting with Optimum Health & Fitness whenever needed.

Stefanie 82 year old Dia-Beat-It! client