We understand that diabetes education can be an unexpected expense. However, maintaining control of blood sugar now can prevent long-term complications and additional expenses later, saving you money in the long run. An investment in diabetic education now can improve your lifestyle and reduce the need for future medications. We offer a wide variety of services and classes to fit every budget, lifestyle and schedule. The needs and comfort of all our clients are met though our group classes, individual classes, free Saturday orientation as well as package deals.

We know that a diagnosis of diabetes can be a scary time for many people. You may not know where to begin or how to navigate through all the information. We host an introductory class and open house the first Saturday of every month to answer your questions and familiarize you with our services. Our Saturday open house is designed to:

  • Assist you in meeting your goals
  • Find a program that meets your needs
  • Answer most common questions
  • Explain our unique services

Individual Counseling

Our individual sessions consist of one hour counseling that is customized to fit your needs. Our sessions include in depth education and meal planning with your unique lifestyle in mind. We recommend 5 sessions to achieve the best success. Sessions are planned based around your schedule and can be weekly, biweekly, or monthly. You can join us at our comfortable offices, or we can come to you! With individual counseling, we want to accommodate and provide you with the unique treatment that you want and need. Costs run $75.00 for 1 session and $250.00 for 5 sessions.

Group Classes

We believe group classes are a great way to gain the skills you need while meeting new people with similar goals. Working in a small group (5-8 people) can be a great way to motivate one another and increase success. Group classes consist of 5 classes for $150.00. The curriculum may look like this:

Week 1: Diabetes 101
In the first class, we will cover the basics of what diabetes is, and what your diagnosis means

Week 2: Meal Planning
We walk you through the different meal planning methods and help you create your own healthy eating plan

Week 3: Grocery Shopping and Eating Out
We take our meal planning skills to the grocery store and restaurants so that you always know how to make the best choices for you

Week 4: Let's Get Physical!
We cover the importance of physical activity and introduce you to some exercises that are easy and safe for you to do

Week 5: Cook healthy meals at home
For the final class, we hit the kitchen and show you how to make healthy meals at home, show you how to modify your favorite recipes, and introduce you to new ones

Other Services

Special Classes: We will often offer special classes outside of the standard 5-week program to go more in depth on a certain topic, or cover special topics that aren’t addressed in the standard curriculum. Contact us for a schedule of our upcoming special classes, like

  • Cooking Our facilities includes a kitchen, but not a stove. We will practice what we teach by helping you prepare meals, either with a group or on an individual basis. If you are a novice cook, we will teach you the basics and help you improve your cooking skills so that you have the knowledge and confidence to cook healthy meals at home!
  • Exercise Classes: We have a workout room with typical gym equipment, but will use common items that you already have in your home. We will teach you how you can incorporate more physical activity into your day without any "special equipment"!
  • Grocery Store Tours: Healthy eating begins at the grocery store! We take a trip with you to your favorite grocery store and teach you how to avoid pitfalls and have a successful (and healthful) shopping trip with proper planning.

These services are offered as group classes, or individual counseling sessions. Contact us to learn more and get involved!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a cure for Diabetes?
A: No, Diabetes is a lifelong, chronic disease that cannot be "cured." However, the disease can be effectively treated and managed to avoid further complications and maintain a normal lifestyle. At Dia-Beat It, we give you the tools you need to manage your diabetes so you can feel like you are "cured"!

Q: If I am required to take insulin right now, will I have to continue doing so throughout my whole life?
A: The answer to this is no; with enough diet and lifestyle modifications, individuals have been known to be allowed to stop taking their insulin medications because their blood sugars have normalized.

Q: Am I never going to be allowed to eat things I love like cookies, cakes, and things with sugar?
A: Many people are concerned about this. Again, the answer is no. The key is to spread the carbohydrates you are eating out throughout the day so you do not consume them all in one meal, causing a blood sugar spike. You should always focus on eating colorful, healthy vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, but you can most certainly still enjoy your favorite sweet treats in moderation while factoring it in to your carbohydrate exchange.

Q: How Does Exercise Affect Blood Sugar Levels?
A: Type II diabetics suffer from an insensitivity to insulin. Regular exercise increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin and allows blood glucose levels to drop due to glucose uptake by the active muscles.

Q: Do I really have to warm up and cool down when exercising?
A: Yes, a warm up is intended to help you avoid injury by stretching your muscles and tendons. A cool down helps you avoid sore muscles and allows your heart to recover.

Q: Do you take insurance?
A: Technically, no, we do not accept insurance. However, more and more insurance companies are covering nutrition counseling for diabetes patients. We will help you determine if your insurance covers our services, and provide you with a bill that you can easily submit for reimbursment by your insurance provider.

Helpful Links

Official website of the American Diabetes Association. This website has loads of valuable resources for diabetics including information, videos, documents, books and other resources available from their store:

More information on the glycemic index:

Helpful information from the academy of nutrition and dietetics:

National Diabetes Education Program: Lots of free publications and other educational resources:

Interactive meal planning tutorial from Medline Plus:


I needed to learn when and how much to eat before exercise. I become adept at counting carbohydrates and continue to exercise on my own, consulting with Optimum Health & Fitness whenever needed.

Stefanie 82 year old Dia-Beat-It! client

"I noticed a real change in my vitality when we began the interval training. You've helped me tremendously. You have a genuine, continuing interest in your clients."

Tony, 58 year old Dia-Beat-It! client

"Thank you for all of your support and knowledge around diabetes. I've made some really significant changes in my behavior [regarding exercise, glucometer use and diet] that I feel very sure it will remain a way of life for me."

Janelle, 26 year old Dia-Beat-It! client